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Weight:110 lbs
Eye color:Blue
Appearance:Her frequent smile is soft and gentle, coy and playful, the smile of one who has known sorrow but never allows it to own her, slipping from its grasp even as it claims her. Her straight hair is short, hanging to her jaw, with a gun-metal blue splash of color dyed in, looking much like a reflection from the deep black of her hair. Her eyes are blue and seem always to twinkle with a touch of mischief or amusement. Upon her slender frame she wears a tube top of midnight blue, and over this a black fishnet shirt, long sleeved but open in front save for a single tie across her breasts. Within her exposed belly button flickers a filigreed piercing, a single red gem in its center. Her flared pants are black and the silver chain she wears for a belt rides her hips, accentuating her movements as she dances.
Birthplace:Fates Way Brothel
Outward attitude:Friendly, playful, coy, gentle
Inward attitude:Friendly, playful, gentle, slightly insecure
Weapons: None
Abilities:Dancing, occassionally a con artist
Spells:None, but her belly button piercing is magical
Special Notes:Raised by her mother in the brothel, neither ever knew who her father might have been. She herself was put to work in the brothel at the age of 15, and it was then that she was given her belly button piercing. It is enchanted to prevent disease or pregnancy, and helps somewhat in maintaining her overall health.
She left the brothel when she was 16, disliking it not because of the work, but because she was not allowed to decline an offer. She continues working as a prostitute, choosing her partners herself, and craving the contact that it brings. She rarely stays in any one place for long, her own insecurity driving her to depart of her own accord before she is driven out by those who would be offended.
She is afraid of the dark, and of loud men. She dearly loves horses. She will sometimes succumb to being a con artist when in need, but prefers the more honest contributions of a prostitute.

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