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Name:Aletheia Wyndemere
Race:half-human, half-elf
Age:Looks 18 in human years.
Eye color:Bright Blue
Appearance:petite, delicate features, straight hair - short/tapered, olive skin
Occupation:former apprentice
Outward attitude:calm, reflective, capable
Inward Nature:emotional, insecure, self-doubt, self-critical, hopeful
Weapons: None
Abilities:ability to sense truth and untruth in words, actions, and thoughts; slight telepathy, untrained; empathy; strong intuition; typical half-elven abilities
Spells:truthspell; light; calm; sleep; shield for minor mental abilities
Special Notes:Aletheia grew up in a small village in her land, Andonise. Because of her ability to sense truth and lies, she was apprenticed to the village truthsayer - a type of healer dealing with mind sickness; truthsayer's also assist in village justice and can be mystics if they have inherent psychic abilities. Aletheia did not feel settled in her role - she wanted to see more of the world than just her village, so, when staying with an aunt in a nearby town, she learned of the Temple and came to apply and hopefully to learn more magic than she ever would have learned as an apprentice.

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