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Name:Alexander Xternal
Nicknames:Alex, Al
Height:6' even
Hair:Brown with silver streaks
Eye color:Alluring brown
Appearance:Dresses comfortably, usually in all black, a little more slender than his siblings but not lacking in their strength. He smiles from time to time, but never so much as when his sister is near and his parents are together
Occupation:Brother, none other
Birthplace:Moonlit Castle
Outward attitude:Friendly and warm, very protective of his sister
Inward Nature:Friendly, doesn't easily trust, very protective of his twin sister
Weapons:A rapier, twin to his sister's
Abilities:Unknown yet with the exception of the bond between the twins
Special Notes:Was born on the 18th of September, a few days early but healthy... their story has yet to begin - stay tuned!

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