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Name:Ambrosia Nightflame
Nicknames:Amby or Amb
Race:Human-- Caucasian
Age:unknown (see Special Notes)
Height:5' 8"
Weight:around 105 lbs.
Hair:flame-coloured; a mix of red and orange
Eye color:deep green
Appearance:Wardrobe varies greatly, ranging from evening dresses to casual tank tops and jeans; all of which are worn constantly. Her nearly knee-length hair is usually worn loose; pulled back on special occasions. From a past incident, Ambrosia has the ethereal grace, stature, and beauty of a vampire. She has been told that she is lovely, but does not believe it at all. She appears to be a calm, sensible person at first glance; but harbours much more than a gentle voice inside her.....
Occupation:wanderer/traveler; soul reaver; companion for the lonely...
Birthplace:Tani Village-- although it is no longer existant
Outward attitude:Silent by nature, unless with dear friends or is interested enough to start a conversation....A loving person to those she knows well, but slightly distant to strangers, unless she finds them intriguing..
Inward Nature:She has a hard time accepting what she is, both as a soul reaver and a vampire. She has the tendency to become depressed; and when this does happen, she becomes mute and moody. Because of numerous rejections and tragedies, she cuts herself off from human emotions for varying periods of time.
Weapons:Although she is a reaver, she is new to the abilities and hasn't been taught how to use them. But so far, there has not been a time when they were needed
Abilities:Those of a reaver, although they are unknown to her. There is a very slight hint of telepathy, but it reveals itself only with the one person closest to her heart.
Creatures/Pets/Familiars:She has anthro form named Flame which she can shift to at will.
Special Notes:At the age of three, Ambrosia's birthplace, Tani Village was destroyed. A forest-fire had started; an out-of-control bonfire was the cause. Nearly every home had been burned to the ground. And many of the villagers had gone down with their homes. Her parents were among those who had died. Two of the few people who survived, an older couple, had found Ambrosia down at a nearby stream. Not having the heart to tell such a small child what had happened, they took her along with them as they searched for a new home. But the elderly couple couldn't take care of her, so she was left in an elven village. The residents took care -of- her, but they never cared -for- her. She was human; they were not. She was alone in a crowd of people. As soon as she could manage it, Ambrosia left the elven village to find the thing she wanted so badly but did not, could not have -- love.....

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