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Race:celtic, vampire warrior and witch
Height:4'11 (but where's heels to not show true height)
Weight:100 lb (she's very thin)
Hair:dark brown
Eye color:brown
Appearance:wears a dark brown long skirt, showing ankles and lower legs and a tight green shirt, wears flowers in her hair, and holds a magickal crystal sword in her back 'skin', and has wings which fold also into her skin, i'll have a pic up soon but its only of her face
Occupation:teacher of young children, vampire children she allows
Birthplace:in the Cetlic woodlands
Outward attitude:very kind, may be very quiet, and well she talks alot sometimes
Inward attitude:
Weapons: a Crystal Sword , blessed by Merlin himself, it cannot be broken and can cut throguht stone
Abilities:she had power over the woodlands and wildlife, mostly uses her vines, nromal vines to fly and razor sharp onces to fight and entrp victims or enemy's
Spells:huh?, oh, spells used soemtimes sinc she is a witch, but very very rare
Creatures/Pets/Familiars:yes, she always has a grey wolf pup with her, it usally is in her bag that she carries with her, it blends with her clothes nd she never mentions it or nyhting, the pup's name is Sarah
Special Notes:

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