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Name:Lord Argon
Race:Dragon Elf
Hair:Deep Green
Eye color:Gold
Appearance:This athletic looking elf has seen lots in his life and it can be seen in his eyes. Always wears a dark green cloak with a hood and wears silver elven armour. Carries two magical scimatars at his hips. Has a bow strung across his back with the quiver on the right side. His almost angelic features will cause most people to feel a great calmness when he is around.
Birthplace:Anachi mountains. (Village destroyed. mother gave birth to him when she was on the run. )
Outward attitude:Loves life and all living things, unless he knows there evil.
Inward Nature:Hates to see people get hurt will fight in self defense ONLY.
Weapons:Two scimatars, a long bow and two daggers .
Abilities:Able to change into a dragon once a week. Psi attacks do not work against him. Can heal another with his hands. Can speak to animals.
Creatures/Pets/Familiars:Baby dragon
Special Notes:His mother died when he was born he was then raised by a farmer who had no wife and kids the farmer died when he was 9 he has been by him self since then.

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