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Name:Arith Blackstar
Race:member of the race simply known as "Ancients"
Weight:120 lbs
Eye color:green
Appearance:slim, petite woman, always cloaked, slight of frame with a perpetual cough, long hair always worn loose
Occupation:healer, teacher at a temple
Outward attitude:calm, passive, quiet
Inward Nature:strong family nature, possesive of her lover
Abilities:can summon creatures to do her fighting for her, healer
Spells:adept at healing spells
Creatures/Pets/Familiars:a large wolf-hound named shadow
Special Notes:believed to be the last of her race, befriended the space marine Xamon, was drawn to his coldness, wanted to break through it, is married to Xamon Blackstar and has one child, Sidon, still reside within the temple with the monks, forever in search of her past and others like her

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