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"Used with permission" by Artist, Larry Elmore Title of the piece "Ancient Powers"

Name:Arrick Theodus Karrigan
Nicknames:Aaron, Ursine Sentinel, daddy, Arri
Weight:278 lbs
Hair:Almost black
Eye color:Deep brown
Appearance:Large and powerful, a bear of a man, yet possessed of a gentleness that only the truly mighty possess. Dresses warmly and wears a cloak with hood. Carries with him a staff at times, carved with many runes, topped with a Ravenclaw carving.
Occupation:Druid, guardian
Birthplace:Dragon's Spine Mountains
Outward attitude:Gruff and short, few words, kind to those he calls friend
Inward Nature:Saddened by loss but as a whole, happy and optimistic. Loving with his "family" and his son most of all.
Weapons:His claws and fangs as a bear, his fists and great strength and size as a human. Also can use his staff in a fight but prefers not too. Sometimes wields a large club or maul.
Abilities:Natural shifting, herb lore, a masterful leatherworker and leather items maker, a wonderous carver and small sculpture maker. Very good at hunting
Special Notes:

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