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Name:Ary Mckade
Nicknames:ARY "ASS-KICKIN" MCKADE, Ary, Ary-poo, McKade, The Untouchable, lol, no wait lol is not a nick name *laughs*
Sex:um female...most definately ^_~
Race: human! yay! we're not extinct!!
Age:HOW DARE YOU!! I'm an ancient 20 LOL
Height:um.... big lol 5'8-9"
Weight:I dun have to answer that ack! okay okay *mumbles* 117
Hair:Black hair long!! butt length after it's been cut lol
Eye color:green jus green... hehe
Appearance:I look gooooood whatcha talkin about
Occupation:Do "I" look like I have a job...? come on now
Birthplace:well if I have to tell YOU that you've got some problems....oh you mean place lol oops Glasgow!
Outward attitude:I dont HAVE an attitude does it look like I have an attitude.. dun make me come down there oh heh happy go lucky um... silly.. um all around babe!!LOL
Inward Nature:shy... heh okay okay only sometimes.. hehe quiet heh reserved... um... heh and it's ALWAYS my fault!!!! I just make up for it with my outward attitude! hey I dont have an attitude!!
Weapons:um....I throw a mean pillow LOL and flick ears lol
Abilities:I'll get back to you on that... LOL
Spells:um yes I can spell... very well too.. just sometimes that typo demon comes around and you just HAVE TO BEAT HIM TO A BLOODY PULP AND KICK KICK KICK KI----um *ahem* that is all
Creatures/Pets/Familiars:um nope unless you count hehe nevermind he wouldn't like me to say that would ya mery? lol ^_~
Special Notes:um can I fill this in later? lol OH YES I'M VERY SPECIAL!!!

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