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Height:5' 6"
Weight:150 lbs
Eye color:dark eyes
Appearance:Well proportioned but looks smaller than he is, quiet and watchful, seems aloof and preoccupied to strangers.
Occupation:Jack of all trades, appitude for tinkering and making somethig out of nothing. Seldom stays with anything long, resorts to thievry when between jobs.
Birthplace:Anador, North of the Barrens
Outward attitude:Personable and outgoing once he determines his place in a situation or where he stands in relation to others. Can fit in comfortably with any race or level of society. Seems confident and ready to accept responsibility and challenges.
Inward Nature:Is troubled by reoccuring doubts of his abilites and loyalties. Searchs for ways to prove his worth to others, is often boastful and attempts to gain respect and acceptence by rash behavior that often gets him into difficulties. Can be loyal and fearless, and at other times superficial and unreliable. Constantly struggles to find a balance within himself.
Weapons: Sword, dagger, quarter staff, long bow.
Abilities:Has an unusual knack for fixing things, a gentleness with animals and children, and abundant good fortune.
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