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Name:Caer Runyc
Nicknames:Caer, Runyc, C.R.
Weight:280 he likes his food
Eye color:brown
Appearance:He's 6'5", usually wears black clothing. A scar over his left brow (He got that in a fight when another fighter cut his brow with a knife.) and he has a scar running down his back over his left shoulder blade (Got that when he was a kid, tied down and they cut him for fun.). Short black hair, brown eyes.
Outward attitude:dark, evil in his looks, not very open to others.
Inward Nature:suspicious of others, not very trusting.
Weapons:A staff with a dragonclaw at the top gripping a blue orb that glows. An amulet is seen around his neck, also appearing to be blue. He also holds a blade. The hilt carved to take the shape of a dragon, the eyes embedded with emeralds.
Abilities:He was dubbed "Lord of the Runes" a long while ago but no longer uses them now.
Creatures/Pets/Familiars:He has 3 small gargoyles and a blob that was given to him by DarkNova.
Special Notes:Caer didn't know his parents very well.. The only thing he has from them is a locket that he got from his father before they took him away. On the left is a picture of his parents, and the right is of his siblings. His Father was murdered in the Forrest of Sorrows and Caer was taken away to be abused and tortured into an evil cold person so that Caer in the future, would drive himself to an early grave and dishonor his family's name.

He didn't have any childhood friends. His childhood was very traumatic. Because he was abused by evil men who wanted him to grow up to be like them. Cruel, cold, and harsh. As far as he believes, his siblings are the ones shown in the pictures. 2, including him. He has a sister out there somewhere... But he doesn't keep in contact with her because he lost her. He has no idea where she is.

While Caer was growing up, He became a slayer. He slayed every person, being, animal that was a follower or worshipped the dark. As stated earlier, he doesn't have any close friends. As far as enemies go, he doesn't give a rat's ass who is his enemy. Until he stumbled across DarkNova, Nova was furious and punished Caer by making him experience the pain of all that he slayed, and their family's mourning. Caer had a breakdown and headed to the Forrest of Sorrows where his father was murdered, Caer wanted to die, but Nova talked to him... Making him realize that the only targets should be the ones who murdered his father. Not everyone.

Caer also had a family, But he lost them due to his blind rage that he still carries with him. He had a son name Sran. But his wife up and left him when Sran was only 2. He's never seen him and her again. He hopes to look for them and apologize... Sran is now 14.. If he's still alive and out there.

His only goal directly now... Is to hunt down and find the murderers and put an end to them once, and for all.

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