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Name:Cajetan Kay
Race:Human with slight changes
Hair:Brownish red
Eye color:Blue
Appearance:Kind in appearance with a very fatherly look about him, still with many of the young features he's always had but matured. Always wears a soulcrystal necklace, shared with wife, Faela.
Occupation:Apparent ruler of Lanoses, husband to Faela and -the most difficult- father of teenagers and tots.
Outward attitude:Friendly, honest, I'd imagine it'd be obvious he's a dad..
Inward Nature:Shy, but likes to have fun. Enjoys magic, games, and fastly devoted to family and friends
Weapons:A few swords (all gifts), various assortments of weapondry (gifts), more such items.. all gifts. Why does a man of peace always recieve weapons as gifts?
Abilities:Whatever he learns, magic and fighting, but the not-violent traits are pressed more than others.
Spells:Quite a lot.. I can't summarize in one grouping.
Special Notes:I'll be making a page for the entire Kay family soon so you can get all this in depth.

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