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Title: Holy Balancer
Sex: Male
Race: Specras
Age: 44
Height: 5'10"
Weight: 153 lbs
Hair: Shoulder length, smooth, dark grey, almost black hair
Eye color: Amber coloured eyes, which flicker often
Appearance: Caleb is a man who appears to be about 24 years old, naturally. He ages different physically, from humans. His skin is pale white, almost ghostly in appearence. He is lean, with the build of a swimmer, and is quick footed.
Occupation: Holy 3rd
Birthplace: ***fill in***
Outward attitude:Cautious, silent, respectful
Inward Nature:Sly, cunning, wary, loyal, loving, tender
Weapons: English Long bow (Angelsteel barb-tipped arrows), Pistol grip cross bow (Angelsteel barb-tipped bolts, ash bolts with silver tips), Angelsteel Naginata (double bladed, serrated edges, 6' long), Diamatine Dirk, Silver Chakram
Abilities:Cold Touch, Cold Breath, Etheral Attack, Spirit Speed, Holy Bolt, Realm Gate, Holy Essence, Silent Walking, Class C Healing Rate, Class D Drain Ability
Spells: Earth Shift, Earth Chasm, Earth Wall, Earth Quake, Earth Split (All are rune spells)
Creatures/Pets/Familiars: Natural Affinity to all spirits, spectres, or ghosts
Special Notes: Caleb is married to Sansa Silvermyst, and is the father of two children, Andrea and Cynsthia. He is a Holy Balancer, hunting much like a Divine Legionary in the ways of the Divine, however he is not required to follow the rules of the Divine

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