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Name:Cal Kay
Nicknames:GrayEyes (in the prophesies), CK
Race:1/2 demon, 1/4 human, 1/4 fae
Eye color:Gray. Swirls with unknown colors when any emotion arises (unlike always, as with pure Elorian demons)
Appearance:Slender and fair-skinned, young but with a great deal of experience, knowledge and burden within him. He holds himself with a calm air, often known for staying in one spot and not moving for hours on end, thinking.
Occupation:Follows the footsteps of his aunt Dryta in that he's constantly carrying a notebook.. writing something.
Outward attitude:Silent, stoic and seems detached from the rest of the world. He never lies, and will never, ever, look someone directly in the eyes (this derives from the nature of Elorian Demons; they become grealt uncomfortable with having someone look them in the eyes). He speaks very little, and even then only to his friends or those he trusts (or those he simply must talk to), and then he is very straightforward.
Inward Nature:A wholy devoted man, he is faithful to his friends and family. An excellent memory, he listens to everything, and is always thinking.
Weapons:A sword, dagger and various potions. These items are rarely used, if ever, and are stored magically.
Abilities:Levitation, demon striation (phasing, shape changing, diffusion), a number of magical attacks and defences, healing, morphing and fleshcraft, and numerous spells and potions.
Spells:Various. He does not fight often, rarely at all, except in demon form, so hs little need for the extensive magical and fighting abilities he has acquired.
Creatures/Pets/Familiars:An owl and a fox, both of which chose to become his friend.
Special Notes:Very little of his magic was learned, rather was inherint to his demon and fae blood. Born through the rape of his mother, the respected healer Faela Kay, he was adopted by Cajetan Kay and taught by mages such as Merloch. That demon side is most apparent when he changes to his demon form, an involuntary shift that eresults from drinking any amount of alcohol. Depending on the amount drunk, it may last a few minutes to hours on end. In this demon form, personality and phyusical appearance change, becoming dark-haired, constantly swirling eyes, older and far less kind with a terrible temper. And with the smell of jasmine comes a different kind of change; into a small male faery, shy and normal to the personalites of faeries. That too, leaves in time.
Engaged to Makami DKen. However, a old problem with a prophecy that had not been dealt with now arises once more, requesting Cal to be wed to one of Merloch's children in order for a child with the power to heal all ills and diseases to be born. It is currently being discussed.

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