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Name:Christian Winds
Race: Vampire
Age:19, true age unknown
Eye color:Blue
Appearance:He's a rugged man with long brown hair and crystal blue eyes. He can be hyperactive at times and hates to fight. He tries to live life to it's fullest.
Occupation:Husband and wanderer
Birthplace:slave guild
Outward attitude:an adentureous, fun loving, curious soul
Inward Nature:Scared, worried, and cautious of anyone other then his wife
Weapons:Other then a dagger strapped under his pant leg he relies on his speed
Abilities:he hasn't discovered his vampiric powers yet he's only a young vampire
Creatures/Pets/Familiars:He has a wife, Sierra Darkwing
Special Notes:He was once just a plain angelic boy being sold at the auction when one day a mysterious mistress bought him. She changed him and raised him as her own child but before she could teach him anything about his new life she was murderered. He walked in on the slayers over his dead mistress and they took chase. From then on he's been on the run. That's how he met his wife. On a lake he was swimming and she took his clothes. He took chase eventually getting them back while at the same time falling in love.

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