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"Used with Permission by Artist" Claire Salvatori Title "In the Woods"

Name:Ciani Conall
Nicname:Ci, but only to those very close to her
Hair:Golden blonde
Eye color:Grey
Appearance:Tight breeches, tight brown vest, kneehigh boots laced up, a belt around her waist, to hold her sword and daggers, a long midnight cloak
Outward attitude:Tough, needs to be put in place, sweet and convincing
Inward Nature:friendly, sweet, but filled with rage and pain
Weapons: Raven Sword, a couple daggers
Abilities:Very good with sword, is a fighter
Spells:Black Flame, a knowing, an Adept
Creatures/Pets/Familiars:Rakh friend, and black stallion with moon crested hooves
Special Notes:unknown so far. Just get to know her.

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