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"Used with permission" by Artist Tina "Nene" Thomas, Title "Misty Morning"

Name:Constance Madeline DuPont
Race:Homo Sapien
Weight:110 lbs
Eye color:Ash-gray rimmed with a translucent emerald, sometimes saphire, depending on weather, mood, clothing, ect.
Appearance:Willowy, unintimidating youth.
Birthplace:D'eire, in the province of Masokodan in the northern territory of Ayenee's super-continent.
Outward attitude:Smiling, politely prudent, reserved physically, with a love of life and adventure.
Inward Nature:Calm, eternally patient, with a deep respect for the aforementioned life. There is a reason behind her cherishing exhistence...
Weapons: Short-bow, quarter staff, stilletto (hidden)
Abilities:Moderately trained in hand to hand, experienced in archery
Spells:Knows none yet, but she is fascinated by magic and eager to learn..
Creatures/Pets/Familiars:A winged equestrian named Opal Wing
Special Notes:Special Noties? Well, Constance was raised prudently, as one would be in early American days, or midevial times. Touching anyone other than a beau is considerered taboo, so she's jittery about that sort of thing, 'cept for with females. No, she's not a lesbians, not that she or I have a thing against lesbians though! :D

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