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Name:Corgan Dane
Race:Human/ ex-vampiric/ elemental being of hellfire (yeesh)
Weight:148 lbs.
Hair:Auburn or Jet Black
Eye color:Dark Blue or Black
Appearance:Appealing in a boyish way, he is more Cute than handsome. He seems about 19. He is built lik an acrobat, thin and wiry. He wears either dark blue form fitting cloth with a white band at the waist, or black leather, all laces and buckles, (depending on his personality at the time).
Occupation:Bauble maker. Each small glass ball contains a concoction from an alchemist's book he was given by his late mentor. Each does a different thing, from making portals to exploding. He sells them from time to time...
Outward attitude:Charming, Slightly cocky, Friendly.
Inward Nature:A helpless romantic, slightly intellectual.
Weapons: A broadsword, old and knocked, but always well polished. Two daggers, one on his right hip, and one on his left shoulder, which he is practised in throwing.
Abilities:He is highly nimble and athletic, and thus, fast. His skills with his sword and dagger are well-trained, though with any other weapon he is clumsy...
Spells:He is made of hellfire, and thus can send out blasts of fire. Some of his baubles are almost spell-like.
Creatures/Pets/Familiars:A small angel named Lichuus is his sometime companion, when he is (blue). she is childlike and giggly, though very protective of Corgan. She thinks he's perfect, and is always giving him little bits of advice and help at times of dire need.
Special Notes:Corgan was once human, then he was taken by a malkavian vampire. He was consumed by madness due to this. In that madness, he stole a stone called the hellfire stone, and took it into his body for the power. It backfired, consuming his physical form and making him a being of pure hellfire. Now, his old human personality and his dark insane personality are trapped together in his form. When he becomes emotionally unstable, (i.e. angry, annoyed, jealous) the darker side comes out, and his appearance and clothing change, as they are made of the fire, too. His dark side is almost viscious, cocky to a fault, a heavy drinker, and basically everything bad you can imagine..except he has one soft spot--women. You hit one, he kills you.
Character Picture

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