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Name:Darien Matagarn
Nicknames:Dar, Matagarn, (on one occasion) Dead Meat
Race:Half Angel/Half Human
Weight:195 lbs
Eye color:Usually blue/ occasionally bronze
Appearance:He wears a black duster which covers his leather elven armor, he then wears black ornate gauntlets and black pants
Occupation:Treasure hunter
Birthplace:The peak of Mt. Montegain
Outward attitude:He's a man that at one minute can be happy and the next be driven to destroy..
Inward Nature:He's very confused about his life and actions
Weapons:Dancing Sword..Sword of Dancing (depending on A D&D edition)
Abilities:Superhuman speed (2* human, 1.5*Martial artist), Natural regeneration, ancient lore, alchemy
Creatures/Pets/Familiars:None, but a Cerebus is always nice (lolol @ Sel)
Special Notes:He has a ring of shooting stars, a shield ring (He must use this in shield spell casting is limited while activated)..Then he has gauntlets of Ogre Strength

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