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"Used with Permission" by Artist Larry Elmore, Title, "Lost Tales"

Name:Darius D'Ken
Race:High Elven Blood
Eye color:Brown
Appearance:Average height for his race, usually wearing a dull colored robe around his body. Always carrying a staff just incase.
Outward attitude:Incredibly quiet to those he does not know, which fits his appearence.
Inward Nature:o those he does know...always ready to play around, even if it means getting beat up by his sister *grins*
Weapons:Staff's, small and long daggers. Inherited AzureWrath and WorldBane.
Abilities:Elemental Magics, and the ability to talk to inanimate objects.
Spells:None have been seen.
Special Notes:The son of Dryta and Merloch. All the rest..ehmm, I suppose you would just have to find out for yourself in the event that you see him. Hes usually into some book of spells.

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