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"Used with permission" by artist Darrell Sweet, Title, "Her Majesty's Wizard"No known web page to link to.

Name:Davis Bluestone
Nickname:Davis, Dav, Davie
Race:Mostly Human but does have tiger and dragon bloodlines.
Eye color:Blue (From his mother.)
Appearance:Usually is used to wearing clothes that are from Earth where his father, and himself, is originally from.
Occupation:Currently, only a student.
Outward attitude:Playful, Tends to test boundaries with those who see themselves as authority over him.
Inward Nature:Pretty patient, Not always serious, Very relaxed.
Weapons: Currently training with a weapon called "Paw of Panther", tutor is Silaenus.
Spells:He's chosen not to deal with magick unless it is forced on him
Special Notes:Davis was born on Earth and due to problems with his parents, Gem had to leave the abusive mother behind. She was always dealing with drugs and, once, almost left Davis to drown in the tub when she was giving him a bath. She wasn't like this at the beginning. Through legal procedures, Gem had full custody and decided it was time to come back home to Sythian Forrest. There, Davis grew up with his Dad and his niece, Laurana. Both are currently almost the same age but Davis is a few months older than her.

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