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"Used with permission" by Artist, Anne Barrie Title of the piece "Facade"

Name:Lord Derek Darklighter
Nicknames:GOD (Good Ol' Derek), Uncy Derek, Lord Derek
Race:Stalaxian Elf
Age:Early thirties. True Age: Unknown
Eye color:Blue
Appearance:Derek has long brown hair, which is usually tied back. He commonly wears the royal colors of Silver and Blue when he is with his brother, but when he is mingling with the townspeople, he wears casual clothes.
Birthplace:Broolyn New York, Earth
Outward attitude:Friendly, cordial. He can be disgustingly nice at times, too.
Inward Nature:He knows little about his past and frequently has strange flashbacks. He spends much of his time alone.
Weapons:Derek prefers to use his katana, but often will use bows and other ranged weapons. He is also learned in many firearms, but because of the environment he currently resides in, he has since stopped using them.
Abilities:Derek's abilities are currently unknown.
Spells:Derek has learned some basic spells from his brother, Talon, but seems to be unable to perform higher-level spells.
Creatures/Pets/Familiars:None at this point, but he seems to have a special connection to the trees of the forest.
Special Notes:Derek is originally a Vampire from the streets of Brookyln, New York, in the World of Darkness. He traveled to Houston, TX to sell illicit drugs, where he soon met a man named Talon. Talon convinced him to give up the drug dealing and began to teach him basically everything that he knew. Derek had many great times with Talon, up until Derek mysteriously disappeared. An indefinite amount of time later, Derek arrives on Talon's doorstep....In Altreas.
Derek is half-elven due to a ritual he conducted with Talon while he was a vampire. Derek is no longer one of the undead, but instead he seems to have been Awakened as a sorceror, but neither Derek nor Talon can discover just what sort of magic Derek is able to use.

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