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"Used with permission" by Ruth Thompson, Title "The Shaman" 1998 Ruth Thompson. All rights reserved! Read the legal information.

Name:Dark Sorceress
Race:Brujah Vampyre - Third Generation
Age:Eternal 21
Weight:157 lbs
Hair:Pale Blonde
Eye color:Sapphire Blue
Appearance:Outward appearance is intimidating. Very tall and always dressed in the black robes of her rank as a Sorceress. Hood usually pulled down low, masking appraising eyes, always full of malice. Never to be seen without her long-staff and sword, though the blade stays hidden beneath her cloak. Unearthly in her paleness, and temting in her curves. Always tence, brutal, and cold.
Occupation:High Sorceress of the Black Arts
Birthplace:The Dark Mountains - Now transformed into The Dark Isle
Outward attitude:Very bitter, sharp, cold. Described as a sadistic bitch, as her newer self of course.
Inward Nature:A sadist, can be kind and loyal, on rare occasion loving. Ever lonely, and ever lost.
Weapons:Long-staff. The Black Blade, her sword. Archane magicks of the darker degree.
Abilities:A vast variety of spellcasting. High endurance and tolerance to pain. Quick regeneration. The ability of Teleportation.
Spells:As said before, a grand mix of brutally evil spells. All having some twist of darkness. The most famous of these is probably Dark Lightning.
Creatures/Pets/Familiars:None, those seen with her were merely travel companions for one evening.
Special Notes:With the loss of a once-lover, Dark Sorceress vanquished herself, and was hence buried in the Graveyard of Fantasy.
Much later, after the fall of almost every attempt to regain Fantasy, her tale was heard by a young Sorceress, following in her footsteps. This Sorceress sought out a few remaining people who had known Dark Sorceress in the past. Upon finding a few, and hearing their claims, she had to meet this one from so long ago.
Traveled she did to that hell-ridden graveyard on the night of the Spirit Moon. There she performed a ressurection spell, above the grave of the lost one. She waited for a stir from the ground... Hours past and still she waited, the night moving on in hours. She became tired, and sat half asleep.
This was when it happened, the newly reconstructed body of Dark Sorceress rose from the dirt and grass. It hovered, naked in the half light, staring down on the young girl with a painfully piercing glare. The girl frantically threw up every protection spell she could utter, while keeping her wits about herself.
Dark Sorceress, pained and stiff, still not fully back to life, so to speak, swore angrily at the girl. With a flick of the wrist, she broke easily all of the spells the girl has exhausted herself with. Not even a human, which no one bothered to mention to the ignorant girl. Dark Sorceress reached out after the girl and took her up, draining her of her life blood and tossing the carcass aside...
Dark Sorceress let her feet rest upon the dirt and after casting a few select spells, she was rejoined by her clothes, weapons, and memories. Silently she stepped from the graveyard, her own headstone shattered, and in her grave the body of the foolish young girl. To begin anew...
Someone said this, to Dark Sorceress' spirit, while she rested peacefully... "You can only raise the dead in your mind and in your heart. You can even raise them out of the grave, but I don't think you'll be able to raise their spirit, to make them become whole once more." And that was truth... More truth than anyone but Dark Sorceress herself will ever know.

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