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Name:Ice Efreet D'Ken
Nicknames:It's just Efreet, Okay?!
Age:10,000,000 I think. I may have lost count.
Height:6'8 1/2"
Hair:Frosty. You figure it out.
Eye color:Same as the hair.
Occupation:None at the moment.
Birthplace:I was born???
Outward attitude:Stoic, Honorable,Slightly forgetful, Silent.
Inward Nature:Stoic, Sadistic sense of humor.
Weapons:Double prong sword, Assasin daggers, sawed off shotgun, 3 suits of "Special" Armor
Abilities:Ice Dragon form, and Way of the Fang fighting style.
Spells:Anything that has to do with ice or cold or water, Modest amounts of other forms of magic too.
Creatures/Pets/Familiars:Neko-Chan, Ice Falcon, Ice Dragon.
Special Notes:Half brother to Dryta D'Ken. May occasionally challenge you to a fight. But most of the time he forgets to show up or is off training at Jusenkyo.

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