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Name:Elmdor ChaosBringer
Nicknames:DAE, Elm, Elmy
Race:Dark Angel
Weight:165 without armor, 175 with
Hair:Black, long
Eye color:Emerald green
Appearance:Long flowing black hair, as black as his ebony cloak. Crystal clear emerald eyes set in a cold, calm, creamy white face. His full plate armor is silvery-black, and covers him from the neck down. Pitch black angel wings come from openings in the back of the armor, and are folded to his back most of the time.
Outward attitude:Cold, cool, expressionless
Inward Nature:Serious, wary
Weapons:Slayers Judgement, Truth Eye,The ChaosBringer
Spells:Slayer Armageddon, Wrath of the Gods, and a lot of others
Special Notes:knows a lot about technology. has a super accelerated motorcycle, ask him about it

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