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Name:Elric The Black Magus
Nicknames:Elric, Shadow
Weight:114 lbs
Eye color:Brown
Appearance:Has a scar on the left side of his face from a battle long ago.
Occupation:Wanderer/Destroyer of undead & unholy
Outward attitude:Dark, brooding, prefers to fight alone rather than with others
Inward Nature:Enjoys the company of others...sometimes.
Abilities:Vanishes into the wind, basically becoming invisible to all forms of detection/scrying (Except for deities & upper creatures)
Spells:Inferno Crush (Calls upon the sun's energy for massive attack), Fireball, Flare, Sun Flare, Ultimare
Special Notes:Mother died during birth, father died at a young age, his only other family, a sister, died 1 year ago mysteriously.

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