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"Used with permission" by Manga

Name:Emperor Falcon of Atlantica
Nickname:Fal, Falcy, or Empy
Race: Human (Guardian)
Height:5' 6''
Weight:130 lbs
Eye color:Luminescent blue
Appearance: A Warrior King
Occupation:Emperor of Atlantica
Outward attitude:Professional, Compassionate, Generous, Patient, Fun-Loving
Inward Nature:Loyal, Private, Determined, Organized, Honorable, Fair, Just
Weapons: Twin Double-bladed One-handed Blessed Bastard Swords - "Justice" and "Mercy", and 3 Throwing Daggers
Abilities:Blind-Fighting, Tracking, Airborne Riding, Land-based Riding, Endurance, Dancing
Creatures/Pets/Familiars:A gold dragon named "Falcor", a falcon named "Valor"
Special Notes: The Kingdom of Atlantica Page

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