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Name:Falon Nightshade
Hair:no hair
Eye color:golden
Appearance:Falon is covered from head to tail in green scales. Like all surians he is mainly reptile but stands on two feet like humans. Falon wears only a dark green cloak over his shoulders and a belt that holds many pouches of poisons and spices.
Occupation:Former assassin and expert con artist, currently exploring the land.
Outward attitude:He is very dark, brooding, and not too open to people. However, he tends to get excited at the tought of sneeking into places he doesn't belong.
Inward Nature:Again, he preferse to be alone but doesn't mind taking advantage of a promising allie.
Weapons: Falons only weapon is a slightly poisoned rapier that he keeps sheathed at his left side.
Abilities:Able to climb just about everything with out aid, has great speed, and is an expert at stealth.
Spells:knows none curently but is capable of learning.
Special Notes:During an assignment Falons sister, Kali, betrayed him by leading him into an abbey of vampires and leaving him for dead. Falon barely escaped with his life and has been wandering alone ever since.

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