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Fancy's Page

Race:Water Sprite
Height:6 inches
Weight:10 oz
Hair:whiteish blonde
Eye color:green
Appearance:tiny faery creature, with tiny transparent wings, clothed in the leaves of trees, barefooted, forever smiling, carries a small flute
Occupation:babysitter, guardian of the glade
Birthplace:the glade
Outward attitude:bright, curious, outgoing
Inward Nature:wishes she were like everyone else, keeps what bothers her inside
Abilities:can teleport and disappear at a moments notice
Spells:water spells and healing magiks
Special Notes:A tiny curious creature, fell in love with a dragon, was given the gift from him and was able to become a dragon and a human at will, destroyed the gift when the dragon betrayed her and fell in love with another...shuns all human contact now and remains a loyal guardian/protector to the glade

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