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Name:Fang Warrior of Atlantica
Height:7' 0''
Weight:232 lbs
Hair:Snow Grey
Eye color:Gold
Appearance:Big and Furry
Occupation:Warrior and Defender of the Kingdom of Atlantica
Birthplace:Tyre, Atlantica
Outward attitude:Either "I'm going to rip your heart out with these two claws and eat it raw", or "Let's just cuddle and be friends"
Inward Nature:Child-like, Caring, Compassionate, Loyal, Honest, Just
Weapons: Steel Staff of Flame - (+1 enchanted) 6' long battle staff with a 1' double-edged blade on either end. Shield hooks are attached to both ends. "Flame Blade" enchantment causes both blades to become white-hot during battle. Blessed by an Atlantican Priest.
Special Notes:Special Defences: Fang can only be harmed by weapons of Silver or of +1 Magical enchantment and better.
Special Traits: Able to enter an Umbra through mirror-like surfaces.

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