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Name:Fantasy Dreamcharmer
Nicknames:Fantasy, Dream, Dreamcharmer
Age:There is no age within dreams..
Weight:120 (His weight changes as he is a being that comes of dreams)
Eye color:they flash different colors, but most mainly bright thick blue
Appearance:5'9", short cut hair, wears bright flashy clothes that would sometimes be seen in dreams.
Birthplace:He was born by the first dream ever dreamt... But Currently lives in Dream World.
Outward attitude:Very friendly, Very curious about things since he is always learning new things...
Inward Nature:Finds that many can be defensive if dreamenergies are fed from them.
Abilities:He has a few but why tell? ::grins::
Special Notes:Was created the first day a dream was ever dreamt and still continues living...

Well, he can't die. I'm sorry folks but it's true. The only way you can truly eradicate him is if no one exists anymore, then he would have no dreamenergies to feed off of.

Dreamfiers - People who allow Fantasy Dreamcharmer to dwell in their dreams when they are asleep. Fantasy doesn't need persmission to dwell in your dreams but to be polite, He usually asks for permission before doing so.

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