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Name:Foxglove Dragoncaller
Race:Elven Ranger/fairy/sorceress
Age:about 18
Height:5' 3"
Hair:raven black
Eye color:green, when mood changes it changes shades
Appearance:black hair,green eyes, usually wears ripped belly shirt, ripped shorts, very tan skin, very attractive
Occupation:you ask her (you might not live if you find out)
Birthplace:only she knows that
Outward attitude:if unknown cautious if family/friend easy going
Inward Nature:always looking, listinig , searching
Weapons:her hands & a staff
Abilities:to many to say one is can talk to animals
Creatures/Pets/Familiars:who ever desieds to go with her
Special Notes:she has 5 sisters & 6 brothers

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