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"Used with Permission" by Artist Kethyrn Fyr (Sabbeth)
Name:(Demonic) Kethyrveris Fyr Waters Asaii
Nicknames:Demo, Fry, Kethy, Fyrix, Fyrie
Age:somewhere between 20 and 27
Weight:115 lbs
Hair:Long, wavy, red hair with white bangs
Eye color:orange-yellow
Appearance: ears a sleeveless white shirt and dark khaki pants, dark green headband and arm bands. Some jewelry. Black with dark green high boots. Sometimes wears a black trenchcoat. Well formed slender body.
Occupation:None, traveler
Birthplace:Downing Village
Outward attitude:Somewhat loud at times. Slight mood changes, can be extremely giddy then depressed in moments. Can be rude when she's in a mood. Keeps her inner feelings to herself. Tries to be friendly and cheerful. Tends to be nice to anyone. Likes to eat and drink heavily. Can be very devious and mischevious.
Inward Nature:Withdrawn and hazy. Shares her true feelings only to those who are close to her. Feels guilty and confused often. Is sometimes unsure of herself.
Weapons:A silver dirk with a simple hilt or a switchblade.
Abilities:Some skills at fighting but avoids it. She can sense feelings of others, even when their faces don't show it. Good hearing and sight. Empathy.
Spells:Shapeshifting into a dragon or a wolf, can heal small wounds, illusion or befuddlement, is immune to fire and can control and conjure it
Pets/Creatures/Familiars:Has a puppy named Spif, used to have a rabbit named Ofy.. who was killed...sadly
Special Notes:Her past is very obscure due to her loss of memories. Sometimes they come back to her. She had a childhood she doesn't usually talk about. She grew up believed to be some kind of demon by everybody but her family. She doesn't remember exactly what caused her memory loss. When she found her small village later, it had been destroyed by bandits. She found her brother, Cole, also she learned that she had a son, Seven Asaii, by Cleric. Her memories are still returning to her slowly. She travels and makes new friends because that's all she's ever known since losing her past.

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