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"Used with permission by" Artist Demonic Fyr, Drawn for the Character. Thank you Fyr/Sabeth!

Name:Gavin Singh Marsei
Nicknames:Gav, Silver Windfall
Age: 25
Height:6 ft
Weight:190 lbs
Hair:Dark grey and long, reaching to lower midback
Eye color:Emerald Green
Appearance:Usually wears a white sleeveless shirt and silver wristbands upon his forearms, with a pair of black loose pants made of fine cloth or silk and black slippers akin to the kind worn by martial artists. He appears to have a sleek, almost feline body, well toned muscles and firmly built, appearing to be quite strong without looking bulky.
Birthplace:Levanstat, a small village of hardworking people settled upon a mountain near the old ruins of Gephan's border.
Outward attitude:Very quiet and expressionless, keeping to himself unless approached, then speaks only when spoken to or curious enough
Inward Nature:Struggles with himself and his very nature, slowly coming to terms but still not wanting to accept that he is a werecreature and that his alter is a predatory being
Weapons:If ever needed to be armed, he is skilled with the staff and his bare hands. He shuns blades and sharp weapons of all kinds
Abilities:Metamorphing, martial arts, skilled with weapon - staff, knows first aid techniques, can sense auras, nightvision, has the ability to resist slightly higher cold temperatures than normal humans, Voice of the Soothing Protector, empathy, and some telepathic ability, hypnotic gaze
Spells:Healing wounds from slight to severe, Create small to medium light, cure poisons, restore stamina, holy light, holy spells, Shackles of Ice
Creatures/Pets/Familiars:No pets or creatures as of yet.
Special Notes:Gavin has lived a life of solitude for nearly 8 years, when his discovery that he was a werebeing drove him to flee from humanity to live alone as a hermit. Only recently has he left his self imposed exile, returning to the realm of men to forge a life anew. Already he has met a young woman who has awakened within him the ability to feel emotions once again and brought to him his first smile in eight years. She speaks to him that he is her chosen one and though he is very surprised by this, he strives to prove himself worthy of such a grand title, prepared to do anything it takes for this angel who has stumbled into his arms. More to come as it happens.

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