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Name:The Gnomăn
Race:"Felakgundar", loosely translated meaning "Wrought Stone"
Age:1000 artic years
Height: 7'1''
Weight:240lbs however, it can be willed to over 4 tonnes
Eye color:silver
Appearance:A tall figure with an understated bulk, leaving no shadow upon the ground only on him self. Ragged he wears tattered garm carrying a plain metallic rod across his back.
Birthplace:Far to the north, in the frozen wasteland of Kazum
Outward attitude:Showing no real attitude he walks the earth with little expression.
Inward Nature:Finds the world strange but is consumed by an unstopable curiosity.
Weapons:Carries a plain metallic rod forged in the heart of Kazum, not much is known of it however it is called "Kibil-nâla" meaning many silvers.
Abilities:he Gnomăn casts no shadow nor can his footfalls be heard, he feels no heat or cold and having no need to breath. If not willing, it cannot be uprooted due to its massive weight. He specializes in geomancery.
Spells:The Juggernaught charge: The Gnomăn can propell himself along with a large energy wave at his opponent, if the opponent is wise enough to remove itself from the path the shockwaves must also be delt with. Solar Flare: The runic letters on the Gnomăn's hands when in meeting will create large amounts of super heated plasma.
Special Notes:None

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