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"Used with permission by Hidoshi

Name:Hidoshi Nobunaga
Nicknames:Doshi, Hidoshi, Doshmeister, Logo-dood
Race:Human/Demon (Father is the king of darkness, mother a human noble)
Age:5 (Since reincarnation. Body and mind are 30, soul rebirth is 5)
Hair:Raven Black
Eye color:Sparkling green with white pupils
Appearance:Hidoshi wears one of three outfits, but generally found wearing purple robes in the Lai-oriented style, a black sash around his waist, his long black hair cascading down his back to the waist, his sparkling green eyes presenting a warm look, as well as a slender form and face, with light skin and well-proportioned muscles
Occupation:Wandering Samurai, Teacher of the Art, Father and Handyman
Birthplace:He's not even sure yet.. probably Trinchan Estate though
Outward attitude:Friendly and helpful to his allies, cold and hostile to his enemies
Inward Nature:Sorrowful, anger-filled, and an innate sense of always trying to hard and never getting far enough
Weapons:His long Scarlet-bladed Katana
Abilities:Hidoshi has extensive knowledge in skill-manipulation, as well as average wisdom in alchemy, Druidics, and a master of Arcane Wizardry. He also has enhanced speed and strength due to his demon blood.
Spells:Crimson Arc, Crimson Wave, Scarlet Driver, Golden Dragon Rush, Tsunami Sunstorm
Creatures/Pets/Familiars:Two small sparrows that rest on his left shoulder and a panther that is ever at his side
Special Notes:Origin: Hidoshi was born the son of Damion and Nadaya Trinchan, during a time of war. Hidoshi didn't remember much of his past, just that he knew he was a warrior, and he was skilled in the japanese sword arts. He had been raised by a man named Genjuro, and his companion, Aria Moonstar. However, Hidoshi had witnessed Genjuro's death, and Aria's rape. Both his guardians lay dead before his eyes, and he was cast out of the burning village. It was a world where a devil had destroyed the world, and completely ravaged humanity. Hidoshi was found by an old Samurai, who took him in and raised the boy of 12 as his own son. Soon however, the old one passed on, but left Hidoshi with a gift. Hidoshi had his swordskill, his honor, and now a way to change his fate. The old man's death however, traumatized Hidoshi's mind, leaving him with only faint traces of his past. All he could remember, was the faces of a few people who had cared for him, and the moment when his "parents" had been killed. He journied back through time, coming back almost 30 years. This was the point of his birth, and he arrived a few months before he would be born. He became close friends to a young orphan named Hotaru, and her friend Amy. The three however, were soon attacked by a man named Damion. This demon swore he would destroy the world and bring chaos to this world of order. Hidoshi thought for sure this was the demon who had taken Aria and Genjuro from him, and swore to kill thisdevil, no matter the cost. Hidoshi was ready to set out on his quest, taking only his sword and the knowledge of Damion's whereabouts. He stopped by his friend Cleo's house, checking in on her. Cleo had a guest over, a man named Daros. Daros was speaking to her of the coming destroyer, Damion the Slaver. Hidoshi inquired as to what Daros knew of the demon, and Daros replied that he was Damion's brother. At this, Hidoshi was ready, sword in hand to slay Daros. But Daros told him of Damion's unborn child, and of the lady Nadaya. The name of his mother flashed through his head, relizing of who Damion was. Hidoshi spared Daros and asked him the name of the child Damion was the father to. Daros replied that the boy's name was Hokushin Trinchan, and that his mother had disagreed with the name, preferring to call him by "Hidoshi". Now Hidoshi knew who his parents were. Journeying to see Damion, he met the dark lord and his lady themselves. After telling Damion his story, Damion simply nodded and told Hidoshi that he had known all this time. Damion had simply wanted Hidoshi to figure it out by himself. Baby Hokushin was soon born, not a month later, but Hidoshi chose not to interact with his past self, thinking he would probably create a paradox. When Hidoshi was just about ready to leave, he was pulled back by a woman who wanted to challenge him. Her name was Velanya Senecar, and she had wanted to duel with Hidoshi for a time now. Hidoshi declined the duel, saying that he would never hit a woman. Velanya on the other hand, was not so easily swayed. She attacked Hidoshi, first disabling his shoulder with a swift blow, then taking out his knees. Hidoshi shook off his injuries, picking Velanya up onto his shoulders, and spinning her around. This dizzied the woman enough to stop her fighting. Hidoshi said that they better stop fighting before one of them got really hurt. They went to the nearby Elvenwood Inn, Hidoshi buying her a drink. Afterwards, the two talked for hours on, and through the followinf days cultivated a romantic relationship with one another. Eventually, Hidoshi forgot about going back, happy and content with Velanya as his fiance. He decided to stay on, and stay Hidoshi Nobunaga. He would never again take the name Hokushin Trichan, for that was someone else's name in this time. Not a short time later, Hidoshi met a man named Sylvius Raethorne, and his dear one, Lady Arshes Nei. Raethorne had been watching Hidoshi fight, and told him one thing. He had the speed, but not yet the skill. Out of nowhere, Hidoshi accepted Thorne's offer to train, and Thorne taught him many a trick. Each time they praticed, Hidoshi learnt something new. Be it how to disable an opponent's limbs, be it how to break a person's arm in mid punch, it was always a new technique. Hidoshi swore an oath to Thorne and Lady Arshes Nei. He would forever be in their service, as a samurai and as a friend. Thorne and his lady smiled at this, and all three became close friends. But Thorne vanished. Lady Arshes Nei became a scare sight, and Hidoshi felt like two parts of his life were missing. Velanya tried to comfort the man, but it was only a partial warmth. He fought to keep his mind in balance and his sanity about him. Soon however, Hidoshi plunged into madness, strained by the mocking words of others, and his own internal struggle. Velanya ran off to seek out Raethorne, hoping to find a way to bring Hidoshi back to his wits. But in the meantime, Hidoshi was driven too far, and he commited suicide. The only people who saw his death, was Third Godheval and Kizler. It was over... the man was dead and gone. But something wasn't resting quiet... it seemed that Hidoshi's spirit lived on, even though his body was naught more than a pile ofashes. Lady Arshes Nei, Raethorne, and most of all, Velanya returned. She had found the other two and brought them back to where Hidoshi's pyre was. Raethorne and Lady Arshes Nei prayed with Velanya, Thorne using his necromancy powers to find Hidoshi's spirit on the astral plane of existance. While all this went on, a war was raging throughout the House of Lai, as the house fought against the Dark Hunters. It was a final battle, Lai vs DH, and Lai wasn't faring well. Judicator Nobunaga, the copy of Hidoshi was already dead and most of the Judicators lay in pieces from various battles. Gremiere Sadeshire appeared, striking down the DH and ending the war. It was then, that Hidoshi reappeared, and helped Oberon rebuild the kingdom. The war had devastated many lives, and almost wrecked both side's headquarters. Soon after, Lai had been restored, and the DH disbanded. Hidoshi swore this would be the last war Lai would have to suffer, and helped his brother in spirit, Kugetso Juku to restore the palace and city of Ghale, placing a barrier around it. Kugetso and Hidoshi travelled together, finding worthy warriors and rebuidling what had been destroyed. Three brothers joined Hidoshi in the Trinchan-Nobunaga vestige, Furukai, Goukiden and Doshinto. During Hidoshi's time as a spirit, his mother had passed on, and Aria Moonstar was his step mother. Damion and Aria were the heads of the family, and Hidoshi returned to find a family awaiting him. Velanya had two sons anda daughter. Ayanamucha, Kiddoran and Iria. All three children had taken after their father, becoming strong warriors and following the way of the Samurai. Hidoshi now teaches at the Golden Dragon's dojo with Kugetso and Raethorne, takingon many students and teaching them the way of the warrior.

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