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Name:Hulartann Tayel Kain
Nicknames:Hul, Tann
Race:Hulartann is a unique being, capable of Godhood but yet still a mortal
Age:Although easily passing as someone in his early thirties, Hulartann is well into his 25 century of life
Hair:Dark brown with Silver mixed through
Eye color:Forest-Emerald Green
Appearance:Hul's dark brown hair is slightly wavy with bits of silver and worn long to fall about his shoulders. He is usually found wearing a slightly worn cloak of sapphire blue over a dark shirt and earth tone trousers. He wears soft grey felt shoes on most occasions.
Occupation:Hulartann is the Teacher and Guardian of Erixtle, the chosen and Sacred Messenger of the Feathered Serpent God
Outward attitude:Others see him as kind, caring and fair, but sometimes gruff and involving himself in matters that do not concern him.
Inward Nature:Hulartann is both an optimist an a realist....always hoping and trying for the best solution but willing to accept a realistic conclusion if his hand is forced
Weapons: A Silver Adamentine staff, plain an unadorned but very powerful. Silver Adamentia is the strongest substance currently know, stronger even than Black Adamentia
Abilities:Unknown, due to an accident involving him taking on immense amounts of magical energies, Hulartann became a magical creature with as yet, abilities that have passed all tests put to him
Spells:Hulartann was, until his accident a skilled Arch-magus, specializing in Soul magic. After the accident, he retained all his abilities but no longer uses them, being able to perform the same feats of magic, through his impressive abilities
Creatures/Pets/Familiars:a unicorn, reborn as a small crystal dragon is the guardian of his wife Skyhawk and the closest thing to a pet or familiar he has
Special Notes:Hulartann has been happily married to Skyhawk for many years now, they live together at Malcoren Keep, located at the edge of the Miirstall Forest in the foothills of the Aldrean Mountains.

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