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Name:Imila of Atlantica
Race:The last of her Kind, a Seran, from another realm
Weight:114 lbs
Hair:Black, very long
Eye color:Unusual Bright vivid blue
Appearance:Ussualy wears a white shirt with a blue over top and black suede pants. She appears to be very kind and gentle...
Occupation:Counselor for Atlanticans
Birthplace:The Seran Forest in the world of Solas...
Outward attitude:Very kind to others, good attitude, helpful with her friend. She seems to be very strong and wise as well as gentle and kin.
Inward Nature:Sometimes misses things from her past such as family, and more so than anything her lost race, but continues on as she believes she has some purpose for still being around, if not, she wouldn't be around
Weapons: Recently had a Silver Dragon Dagger, but has given it to her good friend Kylara as a token on thier friendship. Besides that for the moment, she uses her mind mostly.
Abilities:Psionics, Telekenisis, Telepathy, healing, Geokenetics and hand to hand combat skills.
Spells:A telekenetic barrier which protects her from from any phyisical objects as well as mind probes. Internal combustion, and the most rare of her abilities, a pulsar shock..
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