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Race:A mix of lots of bloodlines.
Weight:139 lbs
Hair:long hair, has some grey streaks in there.
Eye color:brown, but almost black.
Appearance:appears to look as if he is a small man who can't do anything, but don't underestimate him.
Outward attitude:Very friendly, outgoing, but will snap to those who say bad about his brother.
Inward Nature:
Abilities:time travel, and lots of stuff concerning time. He can pull someone from the past to the future, or pull someone from a seperate timeline to this one. Like he did with his wife Jylasia and his son, Jherome Myst. (See below in Special Notes)
Special Notes:He is very picky about who he tells about his past so that remains unknown for awhile.

This will take alot of explanation.

Jylasia Myst is Jauxzer's Wife but also Merloch Myst's daughter. Jherome Myst is Jauxzer's son and Merloch's Grandson.

More information on the alternate lifetime about Jylasia and Jherome can be found on this page:

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