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Name:Jax Darkrune
Race:Half human/half elf
Weight:175 lbs
Hair:Black with blue highlites
Eye color:Green
Appearance:Jax has a very muscular upper body with great strength in his arms and hands. His hands are large with blunt fingers that are surprisingly adept at intricate, detailed work. His face is long and narrow with a jutting jaw, This when partnered with his deep set eyes and distinctly acquiline nose, gives Jax a sharp and watchful air. His black shoulder length hair is worn loose but does little to soften his appearance. His gaze is direct and penetrating, his movements quick and full of purpose.
Occupation:Jak's runs a back street shop and specializes in procuring oddities, rare substances and relics for his assorted clientele. He often resorts to bartar, but is never short of funds and serves every level of society, every race and creed. There is little he can't obtain if given time and his contacts are many.
Birthplace:Four Winds Crossing
Outward attitude:Seems brash, demanding, outspoken and often harsh. Can be ruthless in his business dealings, and bears a grudge when crossed of feels he has been cheated. Can be aloof ,cold, and exacting in his expectations.
Inward Nature:Has a soft spot for the underdog, children and women. Has difficulty forming close relationships, unless he has the upper hand in which case he is often generous and indulgent to a fault. He has his own particular code of honor which he follows with a superstitous zeal.
Weapons: Various objects increpted with spells that have fallen into his hands over the years.
Abilities:Telepathy to a moderate degree. Great skill at metalurgy, and spell crafting. Is a devout herbalist. Is skilled at forgery and has a unique grasp of the law and its many loop holes.
Spells:Summoning of minor demons, or spirits. and the opposing art of laying them to rest.
Creatures/Pets/Familiars:Jax is usually found in the company of his servant, Minghoti. This unassuming, closed mouthed, and nearly colorless individual seems always in the background of Jax Darkrunes dealings.
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