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"Used with permission" by artist Stephanie Putnam-Law, Title, "Tarot, The Star"

Name:Jeallyra Kaled-Zanűl
Hair:Dark brown
Eye color:Brown
Appearance:Fair skin, though not too white, average build, pierced ears, no specific markings (tattoos, brands, etc.)
Outward attitude:Cheerful and friendly, though easily vexed
Inward Nature:Nice and for the most part unjudging and naieve
Weapons: A small Dirk
Abilities:Palm reading
Creatures/Pets/Familiars:A horse and one goat
Special Notes:She travels in a large wagon with a round roof. Household items include: wooden dishes, pots, a barell of water, blankets, a small trunk with three changes of clothes, a wash basin, and other necessities. For now she travels alone.

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