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Name:Jerihan Ramsay
Nicknames:Jeri, Jerihan
Eye color:brown
Appearance:Appears to look calm, as if he doesn't have a care about the world.
Occupation: None
Birthplace:Moonlit Castle
Outward attitude:He is shy, not brave unless something bugs him.
Inward Nature:Very observant of the things around him and protective of Raeviin.
Abilities:He inherits his parents abilities. DarkMistress and Cordell Ramsay. Empathy and Telepathy, Telekinesis, Holy light, Holy fire, etc...
Creatures/Pets/Familiars:He has a familiar. A cat named Raeviin.
Special Notes:Only living son of DarkMistress and Cordell Ramsay
Jerihan was born into the family but was given fae growth to be 14. He wandered off with his familiar Raeviin and stumbled upon the "Abandoned Woods".

He told his mother that he is out there travelling, He mostly said that because he didn't want her to come looking for her. He's really shy and despises crowds.

He also built a house in a tree in the woods as well where he and Raeviin lives. He hopes that no one will come and discover him.

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