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Name: Josiah Graiwulf Ramsay
Nicknames: Josiah, Jos, Jo
Sex: Male
Race: Half human, Half demon
Age: He's a lot older because of the half demon, but he appears to be around 18 to 20 years of age.
Height: 7'3"
Weight: A lot?
Hair: brown hair
Eye color: brown eyes
Appearance: Even though he is half demon, He usually wears shorts since pants seem to be incredibly too small for him. He does however, have a long trench coat and a cowboy hat he wears out in public with attempt to hide his demonic features towards those who are faint of heart.
Occupation: None
Birthplace: Vast Night Kingdom
Outward attitude: Some rudeness towards humans but always kindness with his family.
Inward Nature: There is always a little tiny small voice wishing he was born full human, but he is proud of his demon side.
Weapons: What ever he has on him at the time.
Abilities: He can turn full demon when angered.
Spells: None. He used to cast spells when a certain mage from Belamy linked through him, but currently, they are not friends.
Creatures/Pets/Familiars: None.
Special Notes: His mother Osila gave him his middle name, Graiwulf. Josiah's father is the only one who can tell (or notice) the wolf secretly following after Josiah so his middle name fit him right. The gods of belamy had removed the demon from Josiah when his father, Jorael, asked them to. Josiah fought hard and went to Draegon to regain it back. The gods were not pleased but they left it alone.

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