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"Used with permission by Manga

Name:Kalyndria Moonstar Xternal
Nicknames:Kaly, Princess
Race:1/2 human, 1/2 elf
Height: 5'6"
Weight:120 pounds
Eye color:Sapphire Blue
Appearance:Elven ears, Sapphire eyes that sparkle, usually dressed casually, barefoot as her mother tends to do. hair worn down long to her waist. Upon her brow she wears a tiara of Alexandria, given to her by her mother, protecting her from outside manipulations of the mind, soul, and body. The tiara can only be removed by those Kalyndria allows. Upon her forehead is a faint golden crescent moon mark, showing her to be of the Darklighter descent.
Occupation:Desert Princess of Alexandria
Birthplace:Elvenwood Tavern
Outward attitude:Very quiet and shy
Inward Nature:Happy, loves the shadows and darkness
Spells:Shadow Walk, Shadow steal, Moon Gate
Special Notes:Parents: DarkMistress Nissandra Xternal and Talon Darklighter, Kalyndria was born deaf due to an explosion in the gem forest. The damage could be repaired with fleshcraft but the choice shall be hers. She also will have her second form upon her 18th birthday she will become a cresent dragon like her father. She is bonded with the vorcel hawk. She can speak through Telepathy and has the power of the mages within her. The shadows and darkness are her allie.
Kalyndria is at current within the Temple of the Mages, having gone there to recieve the training needed to become a Magi, as the Temple's tyrancy has ended with the replacement of the head mage.

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