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Kereg Ishara

Title:The Caller of Nature
Sex: Male
Race: Pythonian
Age: ???
Height: 11'4"
Weight: 483 lbs
Hair: Bald
Eye color: Reptillian green
Appearance:Kereg is coated in scales, and looks much like a walking snake. His head is bald, except for the armour style scales which cover his body, he also sports a 9' long tail, which is very useful
Occupation: Watcher
Birthplace: Tunara
Outward attitude: Cruel, Heartless, Vendictive, intelligent
Inward Nature: Loyal, considerate, respectful, duty-bound
Weapons: Tail, Tail-Mace
Abilities: Realm-Step, Call Nature, Words of Memory
Spells: Songs of Enchantment
Creatures/Pets/Familiars: None known
Special Notes: Situated in his own little realm, time means little to Kereg. He often visits Nissandra, or watches her from afar, as has been his duty since she was born...

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