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"Used with permission by Artist" Selina Fenech, Title "Pepin Black"

Name:Kiliyen sep Morgis
Nickname:Little Bastard
Sex: male
Race:Human, as far as I know. *smirks*
Weight:198 lbs
Eye color:Grey-blue
Appearance:A slender face with a well-trimmed beard. Long hair with the front most portion tied back, the rest loose. Carries himself like a noble and wears a slender sword.
Occupation:Does "staying alive" count?
Outward attitude:Charming, soft spoken, mildly arrogant or cocky
Inward Nature:Cynical, at odds with himself but confident of his own capabilities
Weapons: A long slender sword, two daggers
Abilities:A very well-trained swordsman, could easily be an assassin
Special Notes:Kiliyen is the first-born bastard son of the king in his homeland. Though the king doted on him, training him thoroughly as one would a prince, Kiliyen never entertained any illusions of inheriting the throne. The queen, however, viewed him as a threat to her son. When the king fell gravely ill, she had her assassins attempt to kill him - they would have succeeded had his half-brother, the crown prince, not warned him ahead of time. The queen still sends her assassins to hunt him, afraid he will return one day. Kiliyen does not know whether his father still lives or not.

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