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"Used with permission" by artist Gabriele L. Berndt. This picture came from a clip art CD and is public domain the artist grants permission to use this art. Sent in by the player of the character.

Name:Kyle Sadika
Race:Valheru servant, a mixture of human and elven blood
Age:He assumes to be about 24 or 25.
Weight:Not having measured himself, he knows not, but doubts it is any signifigantly low or high weight.
Hair:Reddish brown
Eye color:Sharp, dark grey
Appearance:for Ceremonial garb and Click here Traveling Garb.

Occupation:Cosmic/Spiritual Advisor to Mystarria
Outward attitude:While not an all-around great guy, he remains loyal to Mystarria, and is utterly honest. Often seems to take little awknowledgement of others, sometimes to the point of seeming curt and rude. He is often feircly superstitious, and will make judgements about people or ideas quickly, through he will often be rather accurate. He pays little attention to gender; he seems not to be intrigued by love or attraction in the least. He has a nasty streak, which may rise to the surface once and awhile, but not often.
Inward Nature:Indifferent to all except Mystarria, who is simply the one he serves and is below to in status. He is highly focused on his mystism and hisjob as consult to Mystarria.
Weapons:On his belt, there are two small crystal balls, half the size of one's fist, which are connected by a beaded chain. When they are to be used for ceremonies or scrying, they magically grow to rather the size of a man's head. He also has a lodestone, marked on the north end by an engraved star, which hangs on a cord from his belt. When traveling he will carrying a slim staff with a glowing crescent at the top of it. Other items include; candles, runes, aura charts, karma beads, various charms of protection, tarot cards, a silver ceremonial knife, astrological charts, a small leather pouch of tea leaves, palm/hand charts, a polished mirror, a pouch of smoke crystals, a magnifying lens, various coins, some blank parchment scrolls, a bottle of ink and a few quill pens.
Abilities:Most of his skills are in divination techniques. He has mastered the mystic arts of astrology, tarot, palm reading, scrying (in crystals, mirrors and smoke), tea leaves (a last-ditch effort only), runes, auras/karma, and various else.
Spells:Most of his magic deals directly with the abilities mentioned above and are of no signifigant power.
Special Notes:As the story goes, when he was a small child, he had been found in the woods alone by Mystarria. Somehow he had intrigued her, and without a question as to whether he was lost, had no parents or whatever, she took him with her to be trained and raised. He became her Cosmic and Spiritual Advisor.

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