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Name:Kyoya Izayo
Nicknames:Ky, Izzy, Fool
Race:Chaos Entity, Shadow
Age:Nearly 2,000
Eye color:Varies
Appearance:Dothed in black clothing, trimmed with bits of silver and gold. His eyes and hair changing to the most trivial of things. Blades hanging down at his sides, each with obsidian and other semi-precious gems set in the handles. Most often than not, a wicked or bemused grin upon his pale face, sharp teeth noticable to all...
Occupation:Chaos Entity, "Fate Holder", "Chaos Child"
Birthplace:Too many to list, due to his numerous reincarnations
Outward attitude:Amused, blunt, cold-hearted, meddlesome, abusive
Inward Nature:Always using people, see "Outward attitude".
Weapons:"Azuria" and "Soul-Render"
Abilities:Slow-Regeneration, Instant Casting, Metamorphosis, Soul Stealing, Soul Bonding, Soul Rending, Chaos Realm, Chaos Form
Spells:Too many to list after living seven hundred lives in 2,000 years.
Creatures/Pets/Familiars:Any other Chaos entity, nothing permanent
Special Notes:This is only one of Kyoya's mutliple reincarnations. Admist the others that died, this one was one that people recognized, and was the only one to ever be seen in Fantasy.

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