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Hair:Deep Red
Eye color:Deep Green
Appearance:Usually wears riding leathers She is an attractive woman, small in stature
Occupation:Horse Trainer/ Animal Trainer
Outward attitude:Friendly, but guarded. Wants to be helpful.
Inward Nature:Friendly, but guarded. Wants to be helpful.
Weapons: Katana, 2 small daggers, short bow
Abilities:Strong Empath- Has the ability to sense and project emotions and manipulate them, BUT is not fully trained and has, at this point, limited control. Can sheild self from emotions and sheild others from projected emotions but has not been trained properly. Also has telepathic abilities.
Spells:Sense magic, fire starting, protect self form some magic attacts. Very limited mage abilities.
Creatures/Pets/Familiars:Horse named Coal
Special Notes:I am basing this character loosely on the Heralds in the Heralds of Valdemar books. This is where I am getting the ideas for the empathy and the telepathy or what they call "mind speech" At this point, due to that failing control on her shields, she can pick up emotions of everyone around her and feels the need to act on them. It seems that the more she uses her gift (and she has used it a lot since coming to Crossroads) the more she is losing control on the shields that were taught to her. She needs to get proper training.

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