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Used with permission by Artist Amy Ann Demint Title "Teneb-Niko"

Name:Lance Kylaris Kalzas
Age: 22
Height: 6'2"
Hair:Midnight Blue
Eye color:Very dark blue
Appearance:Lance tends to dress himself comfortably yet nice whenever he is not travelling, preferring more rugged wear when he travels by foot to see the world.
Occupation:Wayward Prince, Defender
Birthplace:Scela, Capital City of the Darluvian Kingom
Outward attitude:Quiet, Contemplative, Mediating, Gentle
Inward Nature:Loving and caring, somewhat shy, thoughtful and inquisitive
Weapons:A longsword with his family's royal crest on the hiltguard, a set of elvish throwing daggers, powerful hand to hand fighter, some magic
Abilities:Extensive knowledge of first aid, instinctual grasp of military tactics and leadership, a natural leader in most situations, highly skilled in many forms of armed and unarmed combat. Lance can also speak to almost any creature of the night and to the darkness and shadows themselves and understand their language.
Spells:His magic consists of dark and shadow spells and abilities, and knows very little of other forms of magic. He has the ability to cast one resurrection spell a day and then must rest for 8 hours within an hour after casting. If used more than three times a week, he will be aged a good many years but it can be reversed by rejuvination potions or spells.

Noteable Spells: Dark summoning - By casting this spell, Lance can summon a creature of the night, such as a bat, an owl, or any other nocturnal creature to aid and travel with him and fight alongside him if need be until it dies or is released to return whence it came. It also can be used to summon beings of darkness such as demonics, but Lance has never used it for such, nor has it happened before by accident.

Shadow Healing: By invoking the darkness and shade about him, he is able to have them enter a wounded person's body and heal their injuries and seal their wounds. He is reluctant to ever use this on Marissa or Lilliana because they are angels and he fears it might harm them.

Shadow Blade: Lance can focus dark energies into a blade of rippling shadow which does about the same damage as a normal sword but draws the heat from it's target on each successful pierce or slash, eventually dropping their body heat to dangerous and fatal levels. This blade can also strike creatures that normal weapons cannot though the heat draining properties may or may not apply as well.

Self Transformation: Lance has the ability to focus his powers inward and alter his own form and abilities to that of a large black dragon, capable of all things that a normal black dragon is capable of. This form lasts for up to one day or until reversed. He can access this power for as long as possesses his family pendant, which becomes a silver scale on the dragon's chest when transformed.

Minor conjuring: Lance is capable of producing small objects and liquids, though no larger than a shoebox in size or quantity. He cannot create creatures in this manner, however.

Dark Flare: Lance is able to project bolts of shadowfire from his hands and fingers that are capable of minor to medium burns, igniting shadowflames, and respectable damage when applied against living creatures and even some types of undead. When he focuses, this ability can create a dome of shadowfire that rushes outwards from his body and causes massive damage to anything caught in it's path, the only thing safe being the area within three feet of himself. This attack can be very draining and should not be used more than once else he risks passing out and possibly going comatose.

Special Notes:Dark and handsome, carries himself with a confident air and bearing, yet is polite and friendly to those he is comfortable with. He tends to keep to himself when possible, though his wife Marissa tends to foil those plans. Lance, however, doesn't mind when she interrupts him and he relishes the happiness she gives him. He met his angel one evening when she and her sister fell from the sky, the first thing about her he notices being the scar that they both share. The scar has never bothered him for it has been a part of her, though for her happiness, he would allow it to be removed if she wished it to be.

Lance recaptured his memories when he slipped on a wet kitchen floor and cracked his head hard against a counter while chasing Marissa again. She came back to him, worried for him and awoke him from the daze, only to discover the truth behind her mysterious mate. He reveled his desire to go see his home but she did not wish to go yet, frightened to be seperated from her sister. Lance calmly allowed them to stay longer though he longed to see just what he was and where he was from. He let them remain at the Crimson Keep of Serenity for a few more months after his discovery before the need to know began to hurt and eat at him. Marissa noticed and went to him, he honestly telling her why he seemed distant. She knew it was time for her husband to find himself and as she promised, would go with him. It made him happy that she would go alongside him and together, they began making their plans on travel and what they would need, preferring first to wait for her sister to give birth to the children she bore for Gavin.

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